Breeding Day Today !

All 3 of them so anxious to be with the buck, and now that he is there...well, they are being a little shy. Hopefully all 3 take today.

Updates soon

We will be updating our site soon to include new photos and information about the pet and show quality goats we have available.

Udderly Sassy Twilight (registration pending) is available.

A dry day

It has been such a long winter. So happy for this lazy, dry day. I have added photos of all the kids to the "available" page.

Polled Blue Eyed Flashy Buckling

This beauty gave me a real scare, and his momma as well. He presented head first with no hooves, they must have been tucked under him. As I was contemplating what to do, Vanilla Spice gave everything she had and pushed those shoulders through. He seems to be polled so far with those blue eyes and flashy colors he may be a keeper.

He was followed by a blue eyed, polled, doe who is fairly flashy herself.

Flower needs a little help

I saw 2 little hooves around 10:30 am. At 11:30 there was not much progress. I re-read some things from my favorite goat groups, and decided to pull. As soon as I started to pull, Flower seemed to yell "Thank God - help me get this baby out !" It was a little tougher than I expected...they are very small goats. Once the big boy was out, the second much smaller girl just slid on out behind. Vanilla Spice is naking lots of noise and licking Rose's babies so thinking she could go into labor anytime. I am ready for kidding season to be done.

Sarai and Flash buckling

Here is a cute little buckling born to Sarai out of Flash. Many of these cute buggers will be ready for their new homes in June.


Soaking in some sun

I was trying to get some cute shots of them running and jumping, but seems laying around and soaking in the rays was on the agenda for these 7 babies.


Flash Jr

This little guy, is the spittin' image of his dad Flash. Born on 3/30/2017 to Naomi

flash jr

4 does have kidded 6 bucklings and 1 doeling. 3 does still "holding hostages".


Getting Ready

Now that baby goats arrive soon, it is time to get the website updated and the news section/social media underway so we can find some great homes for them. Stay tuned for all the news !