goats working on the tractor

Nigerian Dwarf Goats - La Center, WA

Why Goats ?

Goat hooves are small and do not tear up the land like larger animals might. Goat droppings are much like rabbit pellets and so they don't leave large piles that block vegitation from growing. The waste is also not "hot" so it can be used directly as compost.

Why Nigerian Dwarf Goats ?

Nigerian Dwarfs come in all sorts of color patterns as opposed to some other goat breeds. Nigerian Goats can be bred at different times of the year unlike some goat breeds that have a "traditional" breeding season. Nigerinas are small and easier to mange than the Boar goats I had previously. Nigeriand Dwarf Goat milk has a much higher percent of butterfat than other breeds, and ...well... buttterfat has to be good right ?